Future Life Progression

Trudy Glenister - Future Life Progression (FLP) Practitioner

What is FLP?

Future Life Progression - FLP - is a new and exciting technique to help make sense of those life issues that can seem so hard to resolve.

My Training

I am a qualified FLP Practitioner, trained by Carole Ritchie of Think Success Limited, on behalf of Anne Jirsch Training.

What to expect on your first visit?

A chat about what you would like to get out of the session.
Top topics are usually centred around your love life, career and where you will be living, but it can be about anything and your session is tailored to suit you.
Alternatively just come with an open mind and see what happens.

You will not be asleep. I will relax you and you'll still be aware of noises around you but in an altered state, similar to a light trance or day-dream and we will continue to talk to each other throughout your experience.

You will then commence your journey to find your best possible future.
You may choose where you want to go. Suggestions are: 5-years or 10-years into the future.

At this moment, imagine the scenario: you can see your heart's desire, what you are doing in 10 years time, who you are with, where you live, where you are working.
You will come back with answers and messages that are most important to you, that will guide you to your best possible future.

Without vision for the future, you will always remain in the past!

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